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Life Net

Patrick Fogarty

Financial Advisor

Patrick Fogarty has worked in both the Commercial and Financial Industries for over 27 years gaining a comprehensive knowledge of different fields of the Financial Industry while developing broad business acumen.

His work experience to-date has helped him understand the situations people are facing due to the prevailing Global Financial Difficulties.

He has a very broad understanding of Commercial, Financial and Legal Industries due to his vast professional experience.
CP116 Commission/Fee Charged at 100% in year 1 paid by the Life Company and 20% for the first five years Clawback.

Our Contacts

We are located on the Howth Road in Dublin 3, IrelandSilagra

51 Howth Road | Clontarf | Dublin 3 | Ireland

Monday – Saturday

from 9:00 to 18:00

Free day – Sunday

+353 (0)1  805  4111/112

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